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MedTech Markets Ltd is company registered in England and Wales (09218042) at 5 Ley Lane, Marple Bridge, Cheshire, SK6 5DD.

Our VAT number is GB 218 9526 82


  • Company being MedTech Markets Ltd or any related company that shall be created from time to time

  • Product is any report, text data, graphics, charts or tables that the Company supplies to Customers in any format

  • Customer is any company, organisation or individual that places an order the Company Products



The offer to purchase Products is made subject to the Company willingness to supply. The Company retains the absolute right to refuse to supply without explanation.

Once and order for product is submitted, payment cleared and order approved by the Company than that order forms the basis on a contract subject to these terms.

While every effort is made to make available product for immediate delivery the Company reserves the right to provide product to Customers within a specified date but not exceeding 28 calendar days from the date of acceptance of the order. In such cases the company will make every effort, but is under nobligation, to contact the customer with an estimated delivery date.

If the Company fails to meet its obligation to supply the Customer within the indicated time frame then the customer will have the full right to cancel the order and have any monies paid returned in full.

The proprietary nature of the information provided by the Company means that once an order is placed and accepted it cannot be cancelled except as provided specifically in these terms and conditions.

Prices quoted are net of local sales taxes which may be applicable.

In the event that Company appoints, licences or permits a 3rd party to sell or distribute its products then that 3rd party’s commercial terms and condition will prevail in respect to ordering, invoicing and fulfilment.  For the avoidance of doubt, the Customers obligations and rights in respect to Reliance on Data, Intellectual Property, Use, Distribution and Confidentiality and Limitation of Liability as specified in the Terms continue in full force and effect.

Reliance on Data

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of data sourced from third parties but all Product is provided on an “as seen” basis and no reliance should be placed on its accuracy.

Any forecast information is produced in line with the Company methodology and is provided for evaluation purposes only and no reliance should be placed on it.

In the event that a material error is found in information sourced from third parties which is identified to the Company in writing then the Company will use reasonable endeavours but without guarantee to correct such errors to the satisfaction of the Customer.




Intellectual Property, Use and Distribution

Worldwide intellectual property rights in branding, logos, product, layout, original material, forecasts, methodology and know how are owned absolutely by the Company. The supply of product does not confer on the customer any right or title and in receiving products duly ordered and paid for the customer acknowledges and respects the Company rights.

Unless specified under separate contract, all products are supplied on a single user basis and can be used by the purchaser and their immediate colleagues in a single unit/office location. Products cannot be distributed in whole or part by any means whatsoever unless a redistribution licence has been signed and paid for.

Where products incorporate data from third parties then the worldwide rights to that data reside with the originator. Any use of third party data is solely at the Customer discretion and risk.

Customers can use data and images from purchased products in internal publications and presentations and in any not-for-profit or academic publications or presentations provided that The Company is identified as the source and our intellectual property and copyrights are acknowledged thus:

Worldwide Copyright Medtech Markets Ltd.

Customers cannot use any of the product in whole or part in any commercial or paid-for media in any format without the express written permission of the Company. The company reserves the right to review the intended use before granting permission and is not obligated to approve the use of material from the Product.

Customers will ensure that any bona fide users of Product will comply with the Company Terms and Conditions.

In the event that the Company identifies any misuse of its intellectual property then it reserves the right to demand compensation commensurate with the misuse and seek where appropriate injunctive relief.


All information provided by the Customer in respect to enquiries or purchasing will be kept confidential by the Company and its agents.

The Company will not sell, swap or otherwise allow customer information to be used by third parties.

The Company retains the right without limitation to contact Customers and enquirers by any means it sees fit to make them aware of new or related Product produced by the Company.

Limitation of Liability

The Company liability in all cases is limited to the value of the original order.

The Company provides Product for information purposes only and is not liable in any way for any loss whether direct or consequential which may arise from the use of The Product.


Written communications can be sent by email to or by registered post to the company registered address.


These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales.





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