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What We Do

If you manufacture, sell or service hospital equipment then MedTech Markets will be of value to you. Understanding the trends which are shaping health spending and provision is critical to business evaluation, export planning and opportunity development. 

Rely on primary source data and MedTech Markets original forecasts

  • MedTech Markets uses the latest primary source data from a wide range of governmental/ official bodies with a full data audit trail to the original source.All MedTech data is standardised for comparative purposes. Out historic data can identify trends over a 15-year period

  • Relying on over 20 years’ experience, our original country and technology level market projections are based on market trends and the detailed knowledge of our research team.

Use MedTech Markets to:

  • Create specific country reports that reflect your company’s organisational structure

  • Mix and match key economic, demographic and product types

  • Create custom analysis of medical technologies by specific markets

  • Compare and contrast market statistics in local currency and US$

  • Create graphical slides for business and customer presentations which can be branded to your company/product.


Research Methodology

MedTech accesses data from a variety of sources. National data is sourced from local statistical agencies, government ministries or industry associations. This is merged with data from international bodies such as the World Health Organization, International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.  All market forecasts are our own estimates.  The market figures are estimated using known data for the past 10 years period, and forecasted for the next 5 years. The principal currency used throughout this report is the US dollar with all currencies converted at annual average market rates.



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