Global Medical Technology & Devices Market Factbook 2019


Published: May 2019

Price: US$2,995

This report provides a global view of key statistics of 165 technology markets around the world. Rich in stats, tables and graphs the report includes ranking tables for key performance indicators, economic, social and medical trade information, currency exchange impacts (US$ and local currency), and 10 year trend data for key sectors such as diagnostic imaging, disability products, medical/surgical consumables and orthopaedic products.                                                

If you need to quickly access critical market statistics, review markets of opportunity and understand the trends that have shaped todays rapidly evolving medical device and technology sector, then the Global Medical Technology & Device Markets Fact Book 2019 is an essential data resource. 

Rich in tables, graphs and charts, the report combines multiple demographic, economic and trade data sources to deliver a truly global perspective of 165 developed and emerging medical markets.  No other commercially published report provides such a comprehensive geographic coverage. For each market the report presents economic, demographic and market trends for medical device sectors along with enlightening global summaries and data rankings. 

This unmatched report provides a truly global view of key statistics and performance indicators on 165 medical device and technology markets around the world and immediately answers key questions such as:

  • How is the US$ currency exchange affecting perception of market growth in Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico when compared to growth in local currencies?


  • What are the 10 year trends in per capita health spending in Germany, France, UK and Italy and how have market sectors like orthopaedics and diagnostic imaging been affected?


  • How do China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam compare when it comes to market growth for medical/surgical consumables?


  • Where are the best medical equipment markets of opportunity on in Africa?


  • For Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE and Egypt, what % of the total medical equipment is provided by imports?

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