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Data and Licensing

Tailored data and flexible licensing to meet specific needs and budgets

Bespoke data sets are highly focussed and cost effective

No two companies’ requirements are the same and we provide you with complete flexibility over data selection.  This allows you to focus precisely on the markets and medical technology areas of interest. To ensure best outcome, we actively work with customers to establish the parameters of the data required for their project.

Flexible Licensing

Whether it’s a single team or an enterprise-wide application there is a cost-effective licencing solution to cover every need and budget.  MedTech Markets do not work on a fixed cost basis.  The fee for each data set is determined by the scale and scope of the data selected.

Data licences are valid for 1 year from the date of order. Renewals usually attract a discount.  Longer term subscription options are available.  

MedTech Markets data sets are delivered in MS Excel or CSV formats for further analysis or, subject to appropriate licensing, for inclusion in your CRM.

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